Anguish Languish


Anguish Languish was "discovered" by H. L. Chace. He was a high school French teacher at the time and originally wrote Ladle Rat Rotten Hut to impress the importance of proper pronunciation on his students. As you will see, the words are all wrong, but if you say them out loud with exactly the right (wrong?) accent, you will hear the resemblance to other words. Speaking it out loud is really the only way to comprehend Anguish Languish. Play with your inflections and run words together--you'll hear it.

Some of the stories below are from Anguish Languish by Howard L. Chace, (c)1956. It has been out of print since then and is difficult to find. I found one after years of searching, filling out cards in bookstores, etc. If you want a copy, check out bibliofind, a rare book search service.

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  Ladle Rat Rotten Hut

 Guilty Looks Enter Tree Beers

 Crass mask heralds

 Gnat Anal Ant Hymn, Charisma Scare Rolls, Welsh Aches Peer , an udders

 Flavor it Crushed Musk Hair Oils (Whiff Udder You'll Tight Thongs Imp Ohms)

 Cezanne's creed dings: Denied Beef or Crispness oar Avis Affront Sent Nickel less


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