Fractured Fairy Tales

Memorizing and telling stories has been a pastime of mine since Jr. High School. My favorites are all in a broad category I call Fractured Fairy Tales, though they differ considerably from those from the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.


Anguish Languish, created by Howard L. Chace (Onomatopaea):

Including the well known stories

Ladle Rat Rotten Hut

Guilty Looks Enter Tree Beers


Palindromes read the same forward and backward, like the famous "A man, a plan, a canal, Panama!" They are fun to write too. Here are my originals, and links to others.

My Palindromes

The Palindromist: a magazine for people who write palindromes.


Spoonerisms are created when you switch the first letter or syllable of adjacent words. These are some very funny stories in this style. Some words are not precise spoonerisms....I take liberties if a good pun rears its ugly head!

The Myon and the Louse

Prinderella and the Since

The Pee Little Thrigs

The Loose that Gade the Olden Gegg

Related Spoonerism links: 

Goonerisms Spalore!

Wayne's Spoonerism Page



Alliteration is the art of appending alternate alphabetically alike appellations that allegorically approximate your account acceptably. An appeal: admire and adore my adventuresome (and a priori appalling!) affidavits, but if you adorn your  apocrypha with my announcements, I admonish you to add an annotation to adulate, apotheosize, and augment access to this arcane archive.

Party Pronouncements:

The letter B

The letter C

The letter D

The letter F

The letter H

The letter L

The letter P


Alliterative Bedtime Poetry for Grownups


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